Xycarb Ceramics factory in Helmond renovation and upgrade planned

Start at the end of 2016 – business growth expected

  • Start at the end of 2016 – business growth expected
  • Start at the end of 2016 – business growth expected
  • Start at the end of 2016 – business growth expected
Xycarb Ceramics will start renovating the factory in Helmond at the end of 2016. In the renovation process, the expected future growth of the company will be taken into account. 


After the fire at the Xycarb Ceramics factory in Helmond on June 4th, 2015, the main goal of Xycarb Ceramics was to execute the business continuity plan and restore the operation. Today, we can announce a new phase. Last May, parent company; the Schunk-group decided to invest more than 30 million Euro in Xycarb Ceramics. Depending on future market developments, additional investments in the facilities of 10 million Euro at the end of 2018 are foreseen.


After the renovation, Xycarb Ceramics will have a state-of-the-art factory that will enable the company to maintain and grow its leading position in the semiconductor and opto-electronics market. A factory in which all environmental aspects are incorporated to ensure safety. The first step in this process is the replacement of the original facilities. In addition, the capacity of the factory will be increased and there will be more facilities for research and development.

Growth in jobs

Based on the developments in the semiconductors market, Xycarb Ceramics will anticipate on future growth of the company’s production capacity. We expect a significant growth in personnel at our Helmond location. The nature of business activities remains the same.

Background information

Immediately after the fire in June 2015, it was clear that all critical operating components of the factory were intact and that continuation of the company was possible. Thanks to the support, cooperation and dedication of the employees, the municipality, the business park and our German parent company Schunk, also non-critical business units could be continued at alternative locations. Xycarb Ceramics chose to renovate the factory at the current location, because the essential knowledge base of the employees and the critical business operations are located there. Xycarb is located in Helmond for more than 35 years and the business activities fit the environmental and safety profile of the site.

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